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    Fr 20.12. Knock On Wood im Heimspiel: Julius Marx + Gäste

    20. Dezember @ 19:00 - 23:00

    Kulturamt Köln präs.:

    Fr 20.12. Knock On Wood im Heimspiel (über dem MTC): Julius Marx + Gäste


    Fascinated by music and torn between two cultures, Julius Marx is a german songwriter running on New York City fuel.

    The 24-year old draws from a rather unique source of inspiration – his childhood summers in New York. Getting obsessed with American and English musicians such as John Mayer, Fleetwood Mac and Oasis at a very young age has indefinitely shaped his songwriting and sound. A sound which can be described as a unique blend of Pop, Americana, Classic Rock and Blues. Or, in other words,

    “Catchy melodies tied to soulful guitar lines”

    His fascination and love for great melodies fuels an endless pursuit of continuously improving as a songwriter. Spending years analyzing records from his favorite artists and creating countless demos aimed to touch down in the footsteps of the heroes on his bedroom walls, he now has his debut single, Genie Love, ready to go. (Release Date: August 30, 2019)


    20. Dezember
    19:00 - 23:00